Teletalk Internet Offer And Check Internet Balance

Being the country’s only public telecommunication operator, Teletalk has been trying to make an inclusive culture of telecommunication-based people demolishing all the digital divides. Teletalk joined as a newcomer in this telecommunication revolution and won millions of users’ hearts by offering them effective services with high-quality products. With nationwide coverage and technological strength, Teletalk emphasizes making its internet data to be people’s first choice. Thus, speed and uninterruptible services are the signature values of Teletalk. There are various internet offer and packages from the Teletalk.

The government-owned operator has plenty of internet data options considering the interest of different types of users. These packages were designed to meet the demands of the users based on short and long services. This article will be your guide to Teletalk internet packages and offer for every user.    

Buy Teletalk Internet through MyTeletalk App

Teletalk designed this user-friendly app to allow users to choose their bundles from the plenty of Teletalk internet offers. Any user can download it from the Google Play store and buy internet offers accordingly. The app offers many features and offers that any user can make work at any time be it an internet purchase or bill payment or make their bundles. 

Teletalk Internet offer 2024

Teletalk comes with amazing Internet packages and features including low data prices. The latest technology offers a smooth and reliable internet connection and more. Teletalk comes with lots of data-based offers that are comparatively lower-priced in the market in 2024. These offers start from 100 MB to 10 GB with a validity range from 5 days to 30 days. There are four internet offers that Teletalk designed considering user’s category and their choices. The packages are REGULAR, AGAMI, BORNOMALA, and OPORAJITA.  

Teletalk REGULAR Internet offer

Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
1 GB27 Taka7days*111*27#
100 MB9 Taka
5 days*111*501#
1 GB49 Taka30 days*111*49#
500 MB26 Taka30 days*111*503#
2 GB93 Taka30 days*111*93#
3.5 GB93 Taka30 days*111*93#
3 GB44 Taka5 days*111*44#
3 GB139 Taka30 days*111*531#
3 GB66 Taka10 days*111*66#
5 GB201 Taka30 days*111*532#
10 GB97 Taka10 days*111*97#
10 GB239 Taka30 days*111*550#
20 GB301 Taka30 days*111*552#
25 GB198 Taka10 days*111*198#
30 GB344 Taka30 days*111*344#
45 GB445 Taka30 days*111*554#

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Teletalk AGAMI Internet offer

Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
1 GB22 Taka7 days*111*600#
1 GB45 Taka30 days*111*601#
2 GB81 Taka30 days*111*602#
3 GB55 Taka10 days*111*603#
5 GB91 Taka15 days*111*605#
10 GB177 Taka30 days*111*610#

Teletalk BORNOMALA Internet offer

Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
1 GB24 Taka7 days*111*611#
1 GB46 Taka30 days*111*612#
2 GB82 Taka30 days*111*613#
3 GB62 Taka10 days*111*614#
5 GB96 Taka15 days*111*615#
10 GB186 Taka30 days*111*616#

Teletalk OPORAJITA Internet offer

Another amazing internet offer is OPORAJITA. Though these packages come with a short time limit, they are comparatively less expensive. Look at the OPORAJITA internet offer. 

Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
1 GB08 Taka7 days*111*8#
1 GB19 Taka3 days*111*19#
2 GB38 Taka7 days*111*38#

Teletalk SAGOTOM Internet offer

Telecom welcome pack or SAGOTOM offer is another affordable option. Here is the list of SAGOTOM internet offers. 

Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
1 GB46 Taka30 days*111*46#
2 GB84 Taka30 days*111*84#
3 GB42 Taka5 days*111*42#

Terms and Conditions

  • Data that is not used is carried forward to Teletalk Internet packages if the same data package is purchased before the exciting Teletalk Internet package expires.
  • Subscribing with any data plan, then type the subscription code and send to 111. 
  • When a recharge trigger is specified in the recharge trigger column, it will automatically trigger the activation of the corresponding data pack. 
  • There will be a pay-per-use charge after the expiration of the data packages. Pay-per-use data costs 1 paisa/15 KB and for OPRORAJITA package 1 paisa/30 KB. 
  • For checking the total usage of the volume bundled package just send SMS by typing “U” to 111. To know the balance, you need to dial *152# 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate the Teletalk internet package?

Buying Teletalk internet is easy and fast. To buy the Teletalk internet package you should send an SMS to 111. You must recharge the exact amount that you want to buy under Teletalk internet packages or send SMS. And as I mentioned, the MyTeletalk app lets you buy any internet packages you want. 

How can I check Teletalk’s internet balance?

To know Teletalk internet balance write “U” and send to”111”. You will get an SMS in return where you can see your exact internet balance. 

How can I get an emergency internet balance in Teletalk?

If you want to know Teletalk emergency internet balance just dial *1122*. 

How can I receive desired data pack?

You should follow any of the methods below:

  • Recharge the same amount to receive the data pack. Make sure you have recharged the exact amount. 
  • Dialing USSD activation code
  • Type the exact short code and send it to 111