Airtel Internet Offer and Check Internet Balance

Do you know how to check Airtel Internet Offer and Check Internet Balance? Airtel has come to this popular stage after a couple of corporate evolutions. Now Airtel is the most growing telecom operator successfully managing itself as a network hub of a large number of youths in Bangladesh. Airtel has the most exciting offers and features especially the Internet packages that have been filling the demands with wide recognitions. The nationwide coverage with the strongest network has inspired youths to evolve with the growing demand of the modern age.

Airtel has kept its Internet options open to its users so that any user can consume the internet according to his/her data needs. It means you can choose how long and how much data you want to use. The mighty My Airtel app is available for users to purchase and customize Airtel Internet. Here, you will find the necessary information on Airtel Internet Offer and way to Check Internet Balance 2024.

Information About Airtel

One of the most well-known telecommunication companies in Bangladesh is Airtel. As the third-largest individual telecommunication company in terms of subscriber base, Airtel is now a concern of Robi Axiata Ltd. Previously it was a brand of Bharti Enterprise. In 2016, Robi Axiata took over Airtel and combined going towards a mighty telecom operator regarding network and offers. This brand always introduces new innovative and alluring features to its users. This company has great promise to fulfill customer’s needs.

Airtel has always been there to engage a huge number of young people of Bangladesh in the productive sector. Both strong network and affordable price help to connect many young people to a colorful horizon of entertainment. Besides that, this brand is always socially responsible. Airtel always focuses on technologies to grow individuals into leaders. That’s why Airtel is promoting some exciting and reasonable Internet packages. In the next section we’ll give a complete and fully information about Airtel Internet Offer and Internet Balance Check process for 2024. So, dont go, stay with us!

Airtel Internet Offer 2024

If you are a heavy internet user, then you should choose Airtel to meet your desired internet goal. Airtel is always open to buying lots of internet offers. Either daily, weekly, or monthly package, Airtel has every option affordable to provide your demandable data among lots of Internet packs. Airtel is always committed to fulfilling your internet needs at a lower cost. Even, you don’t have to worry about connection. The network is super strong the speed they provide is smooth and fast. There are multiple ranges of Internet packs are available in Airtel. You have to provide more attention while choosing the Internet or data pack. Here I am discussing some of the more potential Internet packages for BD that Airtel is giving in 2024.

Airtel Mini Internet Pack

Sometimes we need an Internet pack for a little time, especially for an emergency case. There are some short time validity Airtel Internet pack is available in the Airtel. Now, I will mention some daily packs that are easy to manage.

Internet PackPrice ValidityActivation Code
3 GB54 Taka3 Days*123*054#
3 GB59 Taka3 Days*123*059#
1.5 GB44 Taka3 Days*123*044#
1 GB22 Taka3 Days*123*022#
500 MB29 Taka3 Days*123*025#
1.5 GB38 Taka3 Days*123*038#
2 GB44 Taka3 Days*123*044#
1.5 GB+50 Min98 Taka3 Days*123*089#
4 GB64 Taka4 Days*123*064#
2 GB49 Taka3 Days*123*049#
8 GB89 Taka3 Days*123*089#
1 GB32 Taka3 Days*123*32#

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Airtel weekly internet pack for 2024

The Airtel weekly internet pack is one of the most popular internets offers. Users can set their internet goals as per their weekly tasks. So, they can start a new week with their desired internet goal. Sometimes, after 7 days you can buy another airtel internet package. I think a weekly internet pack is inexpensive that can afford anyone. Look below where you will get a list of weekly all internet packs.

Internet PackPrice ValidityActivation Code
3.5 GB104 Taka7 Days*123*104#
7 GB179 Taka7 Days*123*179#
1.5 GB+40 Minutes98 Taka7 Days*123*098#
1.5 GB89 Taka7 Days*123*089#
5 GB129 Taka7 Days*123*129#
10 GB399 Taka7 Days*123*052#
3 GB54 Taka7 Days*123*054#
10 GB149 Taka7 Days*123*0199#
4.5 GB114 Taka7 Days*123*114#

Airtel Monthly Internet Pack for 2024

Monthly internet packs are essential for a busy and active lifestyle. Most of us have to stay active in a virtual world. The entire month is worry-free when we purchase a large monthly internet pack. Many people do not use short time internet packs because regular activation is not always possible.

Internet PackPrice ValidityActivation Code
30 GB229 Taka30 Days*123*229#
1 GB+60 Min148 Taka30 Days*123*148#
1GB Facebook12Taka30 Days*123*012#
1GB PUBG.33 Taka30 Days*123*033#
7 GB498 Taka30 Days*123*498#
20 GB500 Taka28 Days*123*053#
30 GB998 Taka28 Days*123*998#
2 GB229 Taka30 Days*123*229#
8 GB+275348 Taka30 Days*123*348#
12 GB398 Taka30 Days*123*398#
16 GB497 Taka30 Days*123*497#
15 GB+450 Min598 Taka30 Days*123*598#
4 GB+225 Min497 Taka30 Days*123*294#
30 GB + Cashback 998 Taka30 Days*123*998#

Airtel Social Internet Pack for 2024

Some exclusive social internet packages are available for Airtel users. If you want to browse Facebook, WhatsApp, or anything else, social internet offers will allow you to get a smooth data connection at a lower cost. Airtel social pack is specially designed for social media including what’s up, messenger and Facebook. Here is the list of social Internet packs for 2024.

Internet PackPrice ValidityActivation Code
1 GB12 Taka30 Days*123*012#
1 GB PUBG33 Taka 30 Days*123*033#

Airtel MB Offer 2024

You can take advantage of the Airtel MB offer. It is another affordable option for Airtel internet users. With this offer, you can receive a large amount of pack at a cheaper rate. 

Internet PackPrice ValidityActivation Code
1.5 GB89 Taka7 Days*123*089#
3 GB104 Taka7 Days*123*104#
1 GB+50 Min98 Taka3 Days*123*089#
5 GB129 Taka5 Days*123*129#
5 GB159 Taka10 Days*123*159#
7 GB179 Taka10 Days*123*179#

Procedure to Check Airtel Internet Balance

Checking the internet balance for Airtel is easy and simple. You need to dial *3# to check your Internet balance. If one time failed to get a response then try again. Though it has a quick response, sometimes incorrect reading can happen for network issues. When you have to buy any special deal, you must dial the exact activation code otherwise for misleading information your time will waste. Fortunately, Airtel users don’t have to wait for long. Usually, every user gets instant notification through SMS. You also can use the Airtel Web portal to check your desired offer activation. Airtel apps are more useful to check your remaining Internet balance. It will show, what amount of data you have. Some hot deals are open only for short time, though you can check them too.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • You should purchase an Internet pack through USSD or recharge.
  • Internet pack can be used in 2G/3G/4G 
  • Minute balance checking code is *778*0#
  • Internet balance checking code is *3#
  • The unused volume of the main Internet pack will be carried forwarded if you purchase the same pack within validity. 
  • All postpaid and prepaid users can enjoy Airtel Internet offer
  • Postpaid customers also can purchase offers through USSD
  • Some Internet packs will be automatically renewed after finishing validity but some packs have to be renewed. 
  • Customers may enjoy their current Internet offer as many times they want during the campaign period
  • The remaining Internet balance will be added to the next purchase
  • Customers need to keep or recharge balance to purchase
  • Each deal has individual terms and conditions, before activation you should check it.

FAQs On Airtel Internet Offer and Check Internet Balance

Here We’ll provide you mostly asked FAQs about Airtel Internet Offer and Check Internet Balance

How to check airtel daily data balance?

  • Dial *121# -> 2(Balance) ->1(current pack info). This works for checking daily data balance left out of total daily data balance.
  • Dial *125*1541#. It tells data consumed out of total daily data balance.
  • Install My Airtel App from Play Store. It will show you daily data left, validity, calling available.

How to check airtel 4g data balance?

Airtel 4G Data Balance Check Code *121*2# & Reply With ‘1’ or dial *121#

What is airtel internet balance check process?

To check Airtel data/ internet balance using USSD code, dial *123*10#.

What is the airtel data balance check number?

Here’s how to check mobile data usage for your Android phone:

  • Head to the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Now find an option called Data or something similar. Every Android phone has a little different terminology.
  • Tap on connections and go to data usage.
  • Here, you can see the total mobile data usage. Additionally, the mobile data usage is bifurcated for various apps in your phone.
  • You can also find the option to set a data limit here.

Here’s how to check mobile data usage for your iPhone:

iPhone: Settings > Cellular, scroll for data usage. Android: Settings > Data or Settings > Connections > Data usage.

how to check airtel balance validity?

Enter this code *123# to verify the validity of your Airtel mobile number. It indicates when your next recharge is due. *121# – This code is used by Airtel 3G and Airtel 4G customers to check how much data is left on their phones.

how to check data balance in airtel app?

Open the Airtel Thanks app. Head to the Services tab located at the left top of the app screen. You will see services option only if you are using multiple Airtel services. If you are just an Airtel prepaid customer, you will see a tab with your data pack details.

how to check airtel data balance via SMS?

You can check the Airtel balance, start or stop a new service, manage other services, and so on, by sending text messages to the following numbers:

  • Send ‘START’ to 121 to purchase a new service
  • Send ‘STOP’ to 121 to opt out of a service
  • Send ‘START 0’ to 1909 to activate the ‘Do not Disturb’ mode
  • SMS ‘PORT’ to 1909 to port your postpaid number
  • Send ‘Short Code’ to manage all your Airtel services

how to check airtel data balance online?

You can use the website to your advantage if you don’t want to download the Airtel Thanks app, send text messages, or USSD codes.

In order to check the balance on the website, follow the instructions below:

  • Step #1: Visit the Airtel website by clicking
  • Step #2: Login to the website by entering your mobile number. Once done, you will receive an OTP on your phone
  • Step #3: Submit the OTP to access the website
  • Step #4: Once you’ve entered the OTP, go to the dashboard that displays your Airtel number
  • Step #5: Check the main balance, SMS balance, Airtel internet balance, and other details

What is the airtel customer care number?

To generate a service request simply dial 121 (Airtel users) or 01678600786 (Other user).

What is airtel international roaming?

Airtel’s international roaming plan is designed to provide seamless connectivity for customers travelling abroad. By activating the plan, users can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access mobile data services while travelling outside Bangladesh. 

What is airtel internet offer code 2024?

If you looking at Airtel Internet Offer 2024, We know Airtel is one of the best telecommunication companies in Our Bangladesh. Airtel is a constantly new offer for us. Today I am sharing airtel bd internet package list for you.
Airtel also enabled their 2G/3G/4G users with excellent Airtel internet package bd 2024, social packaging. This package is to be made available to all prepaid Airtel users. Some offers are posted on our official website.
Today I share with you Airtel internet pack recharge Which you can use through your recharge, yes you recharge Mentioned price list let’s go Airtel MB offer 2024

What is airtel internet offer dial code?

For checking the best offers from Airtel, dial the USSD code *121*1#. Airtel offer code is a highly useful USSD code to find out the best offer from the network provider. It is also possible to check the exclusive offers for your Airtel mobile number. Use the USSD code *121*1# to find them out.

How to check airtel internet balance bd?

To check Airtel data/ internet balance using USSD code, dial *123*10#

How to check airtel broadband balance?

You can view your monthly data usage from the Airtel website with the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Open the website and register your account
  • Pick your account from the ‘Accounts’ tab in the sidebar
  • Go to ‘History’ details to view day-to-day usage and hover over the graph to check the time interval along with the amount of downloaded and uploaded data.

How to check data usage with Airtel Thanks app

You can track your broadband data usage from their Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Install the app from the Play Store or App Store on your device
  • Open the app and choose your account from the ‘My Account’ section
  • Press ‘Data balance’ to view your Airtel broadband data

How to check airtel data balance in dongle?

To check Airtel 4G Internet Balance on Dongle, the default password is ‘admin’. Enter your information and click the login button. You will now see the Airtel 4G dongle’s user interface. Navigate to the Information section and select ‘Data Usage’.

Airtel Internet Offer and Check Internet Balance: Final Verdict

In this article, we have covered the best Airtel internet offer in 2024 and how to check your internet balance. We have also provided tips on how to save money on your Airtel internet bill. We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any further questions about Airtel internet offers or how to check your internet balance, please feel free to leave a comment below.