Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024! Internet, Minute And SMS Offer

Being the largest telecom operator in the country, Grameenphone has always been bringing all the latest technologies and features for its customers. From strongest and multi-dimensional networks to effective and useful features, Grameenphone has its commitment to every single customer. The GP Flexi plan is the reflection of the commitments as GP allows its users to make their own choice through the Flexi plan. It’s an app that users have been downloading and customizing their talk time, internet, and SMS plans according to their needs. If you are still out of reach of this effective feature, then don’t get late to make your plan through the Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024. 

What is the Grameenphone Flexi plan 2024

The Grameen phone is a leading telecom industry that is developing services and networks with technologies, and devices including 4G, Grameen phone internet, GP Flexi plan, etc. The GP Felxiplan system provides customers with a complete package of internet, talk time, and SMS. Whether for SMS bundle, talk time minutes, or internet packages, Grameen phone Flexi plan always comes with a wide range of facilities. People who are looking for the lowest price internet packages mostly prefer the Grameenphone Flexi plan. This Grameenphone Flexi plan is started in 2016. From then till now, all GP users are happy to get these excellent Flexi plan services. 

Flexi plan GP is a web portal, that you can easily download from the google play store and apple app store. This online service comes with the fastest and latest updates. There are other programs along with Flexi plan that are quite helpful including GP Flexi plan minutes, and GP Flexi internet plan. 

Grameenphone Flexi Plan offer 2024

GP Flexi plan helps to get a digital online purchase system. With this online platform, you can plan internet packages, SMS bundles, talk Time according to your needs. You can easily set up a Flexi plan by your GP number with your desired validity.  An amazing offer named GP Flexi plan gift that you can share with your friends and family. Also, the Flexi plan allows you to get internet bonuses, discounts, and gifts. Though, GP Flexi Plan always comes with either short or long-time validity (1, 3, 5, 7, 30 days long). For your better understanding, here I am sharing the GP Flexi Plan offer for 2024. 

GP Flexi Plan internet  Offer 2024

GP Flexible internet will provide you with some excellent packages that you can buy as your desire. That GP internet plan ensures the lowest price with the highest internet speed. You will receive a 10% bonus for each internet package. To check the internet balance of GP Flexiplan internet dial *121*1*4#. Let’s see the recent plan: 

Flexi plan volumeOffer’s price Validity Savings
100 MB 11.93 Taka3 days28%
100 MB 40.28 Taka7 days10%
1.5 GB 93.77 Taka7 days10%
1.5 GB 170.35 Taka15  days10%
1.5 GB 246.76 Taka 30 days10%
Flexi Plan VolumeOffer’s Price Validity
1.5 GB 51 Taka3 days
1.5 GB 93 Taka 7 days
1.5 GB 246 Taka 30 days
3.5 GB 121 Taka7 days
3.5 GB 337 Taka30 days
5 GB 123 Taka7 days
5 GB 317 Taka30 days
8 GB 178 Taka7 days
8 GB 425 Taka30 days
12 GB 223 Taka7 days
12 GB 395 Taka30 days
20 GB 651 Taka30 days
25 GB 814 Taka30 days

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GP Flexi Plan Minute Offer 2024

You can receive some Free Minutes for a low cost. The Flexi plan allows you to buy free minutes separately. Remember, Flexi plan GP minutes has no bonus facility but has some savings benefits. Dial *566*7# to know GP Flexi plan minutes. Here is the list of GP Flexi plan minutes. 

Flexi Plan VolumevalidityOffer’s Price
100 minutes 3 days58 Taka
100 minutes 7 days 59 Taka
100 minutes 15 days68 Taka 
100 minutes 30 days78 Taka 
Flexi Plan7 days15 days30 days
100 min59 Taka68 Taka77 Taka
150 min88 Taka98 Taka109 Taka
200 min115 Taka126 Taka136 Taka
300 min173 Taka177 Taka180 Taka
400 min231 Taka233 Taka237 Taka
500 min231 Taka233 Taka237 Taka
1000 min575 Taka575 Taka576 Taka

GP SMS Flexi Plan Offer 2024

Don’t miss the SMS offer of the GP SMS Flexi Plan. Receive a reasonable small or large SMS pack. Here are some SMS offers is including in below. Dial *121*1*2#. Let’s see some SMS offer:

Flexi Plan VolumeOffer’s PriceValidity
50 SMS5.99 Taka30 days
200 SMS11.07 Taka 30 days
500 SMS19 Taka 30 days

GP Flexiplan Bundle Offer 2024

Interestingly, you can buy talk time, GP Flexi data, SMS pack as a bundle. To get these exciting combo offers, check the list below:

FlexiPlan Bundle PackOffer’s Price Validity 
1.5 GB+ 500 Min + 50 SMS410 Taka30 days
8GB +300 Min+ 50 SMS 573 Taka30 days
20 GB +1000 Min+ 500 SMS 861 Taka30 days
300 Min+ 500 SMS 199 Taka30 days
25 GB+300 Min +50 SMS923 Taka30 days

Here we’ll give you some important links of Grameenphone and they should be helpful.

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  2. Flexiplan
  3. SMS Packs
  4. Internet Packages
  5. Closure Notice of 4G-Internet Offer in FlexiPlan
  6. General Information about Internet Packs
  7. Prepaid & Postpaid Packages

Terms and conditions

There are some terms and conditions you must follow when you are determined to take the service of GP FLexiplan. Those are:

  • This flexiplan is available for both prepaid and postpaid users
  • Customers cannot buy their desired validity only, they must buy any of Data, Minute or SMS offers before setting validity
  • The offer’s validity of 1,3,15,7,30 days is not included in the offer’s volume. 
  • Moreover, this plan doesn’t contain the facility of renewal. 
  • This offer is available for Skitto SIM users.
  • To check GP Flexi plan balance dial *121*1*2#

FAQs On Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024

Here we’ll discuss mostly asked FAQs about Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024

How to Check GP Flexi Plan SMS Balance?

It is very easy to Check GP Flexi Plan SMS Balance. Go to the Mobile Dial Option and Dial USSD Code *566*18# or *121*1*2#. After Dialing this USSD Code, you’ll receive a shot message from Grameenphone, about remaining Balance or uses SMS or available SMS Balance.

How to Check GP Flexi Plan Minutes Talk Time Balance by USSD Code?

To check GP Flexi Plan minutes talk time balance, you have to Dial *566*7# for Any operator Talk Time, and Dial *566*22# for GP-GP Talk Time.

How to check GP Flexi Plan Internet data volume?

To check GP Flexi Plan Internet data volume Dial *567# or *566*10#.

How to check GP Flexi Plan internet balance?

To check GP Flexi Plan internet balance, please dial *121*1*4#.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024 is the most customizable and affordable mobile plan in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of data, voice, and SMS options to choose from. With its flexible validity periods and exclusive discounts for prepaid and postpaid customers, Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024 is the perfect plan for anyone looking to get the most out of their mobile phone. Overall, Grameenphone Flexi Plan 2024 is the best mobile plan in Bangladesh for anyone looking for flexibility, affordability, and exclusive discounts.