Banglalink Internet Minute And SMS Offer 2024

Banglalink Internet Minute And SMS Offer 2024! Banglalink, the brand name of Bangladesh Digital Communication Ltd is the third largest telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. This cellular service provider is owned by Telecom Ventures Ltd formerly known as Orascom Telecom Venture Ltd. Banglalink is dedicated to bringing all the latest technologies and innovative features to its vast number of customers. For its innovative ideas and latest technologies, Banglalink received many national and international awards. Its commitment to a huge number of users is to ensure the strongest network and multi-dimensional facilities.

Starting its journey in February 2005, Banglalink has been progressing with 33.69 million subscribers over a decade. Banglalink always brings effective and useful packages to its subscribers. “My Banglalink Plan” or Banglalink Flexi Plan provides a wide range of facilities to fulfill your telecom needs. This article is like an open book of Banglalink Internet, Minutes, and SMS offers. 

The Banglalink Flexi Plan system offers customers complete packages consisting of Internet, Talk time, and SMS. BL users can design their plans according to their needs. My Banglalink Plan allows you to buy unlimited Internet, Talk time, and SMS with 3days, 7 days, or 30 days validity. If you want to pick the best combination of Talk-time, Internet, and SMS then My Banglalink Plan can be the best choice. 

  • A wide range of plans are available; with adequate talk time, SMS, and Internet for different budgets and usage levels.
  • Price ranges with the best value
  •  no extra internet charge; after finishing volume, you can get internet at a reduced speed until validity or re-purchase another plan to continue 3G speed. 
  • Simple and clear-neither on-net nor off-net or time restriction
  • No bill shock, No hidden charge, No condition. 
  • Click “Balance Check” Facility
  • A simple flat rate is applied when bundle minutes are consumed
  • Prepaid and postpaid customers (except I-top-up) are eligible for this offer.
  • You can get 20% extra internet volume if you purchase any of these plans through the Banglalink website/Mobile Portal/My Mobile App. 
  • You can use talk-time and SMS 24 hours a day for any local number, the internet is available 24 hours a day; dial *5000*300#
  • When purchasing multiple plans, the most recent plan will override the previous one, and unused Talk time, data, and SMS will be carried over. Talk-time validity will be longer, while internet validity will be set based on the last purchased plan. 
  • Customers can choose to activate each plan with or without auto-renewal.
  • When a customer’s talk time has expired and the customer does not reactivate the plan again, the flat rate of 1.5p/sec will be applied to all local calls until the validity of the plan has expired. 
  • The Internet volume is finished before its validity expires if the customer does not have another internet package available to them; in that case, the speed will be throttled down to 64kbps and there will not be any extra charges. 
  • Customers may consume individual bundles of internet, SMS, and voice before activating the activated plan. 
  • If customers purchase this plan via web portal/app /mobile portal will get limited access to BL customer care services to know any queries about the plan. Customers will get clear notifications about details after receiving activate consent. 10 sec. Pulse applicable for bundle talk-time usage.
Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
500 MB9 Taka 3 days *121*309#
150 MB13 Taka 3 days *121*13#
1 GB13 Taka3 days*121*313#
250 MB18 Taka3 days*121*18#
3 GB19 Taka3 days*121*319#
512 MB23 Taka3 days*121*23#
1.5 GB36 Taka3 days*121*36#
2 GB49 Taka3 days*121*49#
4 GB64 Taka3 days*121*64#
5.5 GB73 Taka3 days*121*73#
1 GB16 Taka7 days*121*16#
2 GB50 Taka7 days*5000*50#
5 GB99 Taka7 days*5000*9*3*2#
4 GB108 Taka7 days*121*108#
7 GB114 Taka7 days*121*114#
10 GB129 Taka7 days*121*129#
5 GB 46 Taka30 days*121*46#
15 GB 96 Taka30 days*5000*396#
1.2 GB 119 Taka30 days*121*119#
2.5 GB209 Taka30 days*121*209#
3 GB249 Taka30 days*121*249#
6 GB299 Taka30 days*121*299#
50 GB300 Taka30 days*5000*300#
12 GB399 Taka30 days*121*399#
40 GB499 Taka30 days*121*499#
45 GB306 Taka45 days*121*306#

To check Banglalink Internet balance/ MB Check

As the internet is the most important feature in our phones, we always tend to keep Internet data available on our phones. That’s why keeping track of your current available internet data is important. So, just dial *5000*500# or *124*3# from your phone. You will receive an SMS in reply. 

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Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
19 min12 Taka2 days*121*12#
28 min17 Taka2 days*121*17#
60 paisa/min21 Taka 3 days*121*21#
45 min27 Taka 3 days*121*27#
55 min37 Taka 4 days*121*37#
60 paisa/min39 Taka 7 days*121*309#
90 min57 Taka 7 days*121*57#
120 min74 Taka 7 days*121*74#
175 min107 Taka 15 days*166*175#
230 min157 Taka 30 days*121*157#
460 min297 Taka 30 days*166*297#
510 min307 Taka 30 days*121*307#

To check Banglalink Minute balance

To know your available balance of Talk time or Minute dial *121*100# and wait for the reply SMS for just two seconds. 

Volume PlanPrice ValidityDial
30 SMS3 Taka3 days*121*1013#
300 MB+30 Min28 Taka3 days*121*1013#
512 MB+40 Min38 Taka3 days*121*38#
1 GB+ 25 Min44 Taka3 days*121*44#
2 GB+40 Min67 Taka3 days*121*67#
70 SMS7 Taka7 days*166*770#
2 GB +60 Min98 Taka7 days*121*98#
200 SMS15 Taka15 days*121*15#
500 SMS30 Taka30 days*121*30#
2 GB+200 Min158 Taka30 days*121*158#
512 MB+270 Min+5 SMS168 Taka30 days*121*168#
8 GB+250 Min298 Taka30 days*121*298#
1 GB+545 Min+5 SMS328 Taka30 days*121*328#
25 GB+500 Min498 Taka30 days*121*607#
30 GB+700 Min598 Taka30 days*121*598#
40 GB+1000 Min698 Taka30 days*121*698#

It’s just a matter of a couple of seconds to check Banglalink’s balance. This service is free and you can track your usages assessment every time. Don’t hesitate about time, you can access it any time you want. Generally, you can check your prepaid balance by dialing *124#. 

To check Banglalink SMS balance

Check SMS bundle by dialing *121*100# from your phone and get the available SMS facility.