Robi Flexiplan 2024! Internet, Minute And SMS Offer

In Bangladesh, Robi is the second-largest telecommunication company. Robi is a joint venture between Axiata Company and Bharti Airtel and began its journey in 1997. Robi formerly known as Aktel, is an AK Khan company. It is the first telecommunication company that introduce 3.5G services in Bangladesh. With its constant endeavor throughout the creative and innovative exercise, Robi achieved so many international awards. The company has always been dedicated to bringing all the latest technologies to its customers. With the strongest network, this company is committed to providing effective and innovative features to a vast number of customers. Robi Flexiplan is the most significant offer designed for Robi users. Let’s take a close look at the Robi Flexiplan. 

About Robi Flexiplan

Robi Flexiplan allows Robi users to get their own internet, SMS pack & voice. This Flexiplan can be found at a reasonable price that any user can bear easily. It is a completely customized plan, customers can design their own plan according to their needs. The most excellent feature is using a combo including minutes, internet, and SMS that is unique and affordable. This highly demandable scheme is:

  • Minutes or Voice pack
  • SMS pack
  • Internet pack

How to use the Robi Flexiplan

Still, some Robi users don’t know how to use the Robi Flexiplan and how to check Robi balance. You can initiate Robi My plan (Flexiplan) in two ways, one is by surfing the website (online version), and another is a smartphone application. So, let’s take a look at both ways one by one. 

My Robi Flexiplan Online Version 

  • You can start this process through the Robi website. Here you need a digital gadget and an internet connection to use the online version.
  • Now, visit Robi My Plan’s official website and click It will take you to the option.
  • To start, Robi wants to verify your number. So, an OTP will be sent to your number to verify. Submit the OTP correctly and complete the verification process. 
  • Once you are verified as a Robi user, you can log in to your Robi account using your number. 
  • After entering into your Robi My Plan interface through your Robi number, you will see the customization options where you can make your own monthly Plan.   

Robi Flexiplan through the App

  • Here, you can customize the Flexi Plan using the My Robi app. To do so, you have to open the app first. If you don’t have the app, then download it from the Google Play Store.
  • Once you downloaded the app successfully, you will see the Flexi Plan option where you have to customize and select your own plans. 
  • You have several options in this app to select such as Internet data, Talk time, SMS, validity, and other options.
  • Selecting those options means you can customize and make your own plan and select the desired validity. 
  • Check the tariff for your customized package.  
  • If all your inputs are ok then tap on the Purchase option from the interface. 
  • Once the procedures are finished, you will get the confirmation SMS on your pack activation.      

Flexi Plan of Robi 2024

Robi Flexi Plan has the facility to set up your own package. To get your own personalized plan follow Robi Flexi Plan 2024. Here is the list for the only separate areas, but you can customize either single or combo.  A great deal is given below:


Flexi plan volumeOffer’s price Validity Savings 
20 MB 2.72 Taka3 days44.28%
50 MB 6.79 Taka3 days44.28%
100 MB13.59 Taka3 days44.28%
250 MB20.91 Taka3 days
512 MB25.68 Taka 3 days24.95%
512 MB37.09 Taka 7 days26.27%
2 GB50.12 Taka3 days12.23%
2 GB97.24 Taka7 days21.53%
2 GB174.54 Taka15 days20.72%
2 GB238.37 Taka30 days22.21%
3 GB97.24 Taka3 days24.88%
3 GB108.46 Taka7 days25.64%
3 GB177.28 Taka15 days32.29%
3 GB249.47 Taka30 days30.23%
5 GB72.31 Taka3 days9.38%
5 GB120.31 Taka7 days14.60%
5 GB240.62 Taka15 days3.02%
5 GB330.38 Taka30 days12.83%
10 GB153.35 Taka3 days9.38%
10 GB188.25 Taka7 days2.58%
10 GB321.65 Taka15 days17.57%
10 GB497.21 Taka30 days16.53%
25 GB433.24 Taka7 days
25 GB529.86 Taka15 days11.92%
25 GB610.89 Taka30 days21.91%

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To check Robi Internet balance

To check your current balance of internet data, just dial *123*3*5# or *222*81# from your phone. You will get the internet balance through SMS in reply. 

Talk time

Flexi plan volumeOffer’s price Validity Savings
10 Min 7.70 Taka3 days
25 Min 20.00 Taka7 days
50 Min 42.00 Taka15 days
100 Min81.00 Taka15 days3.57%
300 Min237.00Taka 15 days2.47%

To check Robi Minute balance

Check your current available balance of Talk time or Minute by just dialing *222*3# from your phone. In reply, you will see the Minute balance through SMS. 


The offer starts from 100 SMS at 5 taka with validity for 3 days. You can choose up to 2500 SMS.

To check Robi SMS balance

If you have bought an SMS bundle through MY Robi Flexi Plan then you can track how much you have left to send. So just dial *222*11# from your phone to check your current available SMS balance.

How To check Robi Internet balance, Minute Balance, and SMS Balance

Robi balances checking options are smooth, fast, and user-friendly as always. This free service helps users track their usage assessment every time they spend their resources. Users can dial the numbers whenever they wish and for absolutely free. Generally, you can check your prepaid balance by dialing *222#.