How to Check Banglalink Number, SIM Registration, Balance, Internet, And SMS

The country’s aspiring telecom operator, Banglalink, has been striving to boost its services by delivering solid networks with the most modern technologies. The approaches from this telco are customer-focused and expanding 4G and 4.5G coverage is one of them. Besides, Banglalink has invested in the fastest network and initiated innovative digital services. The outcome of these efforts is the growth momentum overall. Subscribers have been using Banglalink for its uninterruptible network and convenient internet data. But users also need the account balance updates to plan for their next moves. Many people still get confused about the ways of knowing an account balance. They fumble to dial the exact USSD codes to check the Banglalink number, SIM registration status, balance, internet, and SMS check. There are also other alternatives that I am going to explain here accumulatively. 

Banglalink Own Number Check

Many users nowadays have more than one SIM card. Some people have to maintain 4/5 SIM cards to deal with their business conveniently. Some SIM cards remain idle and must be picked up when needed urgently. So, in many cases, we forget our SIM card numbers. It’s funny to hear, but true as a fact.

It’s good that you can find out your SIM card number without contacting the customer support center. You just need to keep the SIM card active inside the phone. Then dial the USSD code, which is *511#. The screen will appear with your SIM number. Remember that you will see the SIM card number that you used to dial the USSD code. 

Banglalink SIM Registration Check

The government has introduced the biometric SIM card registration system to reduce any sort of fraud and criminal activity. As per the policy of the Bangladesh government, a user can register a maximum of 15 SIM cards under one NID number. After installing a Banglalink SIM, it is pretty obvious to check whether your SIM card was registered or not. You have to dial the registration check code of Banglalink *1600*3#, then a pop-up will appear on your screen. You have to input the last four digits of your NID, and you will receive a message containing details of registration. 

Banglalink Balance Check

It’s wise to check the account balance before making an important phone call. Otherwise, you have to face an embarrassing situation in the middle of the conversation. It also helps to keep track of your regular expenses for phone calls. Banglalink always offers an affordable call rate, but still, checking the balance should be done regularly to avoid any annoying situations before making an important phone call.

Checking the Banglalink account balance is a matter of a simple step. Just dial the USSD code and get the last available balance on your Banglalink SIM. The USSD code is *124#. Just launch your dial pad and type *124# and tap on the call option. You will see the balance on the instant message within seconds. Always try to remember the code as you might have to check your Banglalink balance daily. Or you can save the code on your contact list so that you won’t have to fumble to find it. 

My Banglalink App is designed to let you know of every update regarding your Banglalink number. Download the app from the Play Store ( and enjoy the customization of your SIM card. 

Banglalink Internet Balance Check – (MB Check)

The Internet has become the most essential tool nowadays. People in Bangladesh are now more used to mobile data and Banglalink is leading the position as its network is modernized and the fastest in the country. Nowadays, most of the official tasks can be done on mobile data. Emailing, video conferencing, browsing and watching movies are the key reasons people use the internet on their smartphones. Besides using the internet on phones, checking the internet balance is also important equally. You can start working with the internet comfortably if you know that your internet balance is available and can serve you to the end of the tasks. Otherwise, your video conference would cut suddenly in the middle of an important discussion. So, it’s always wise to check the Banglalink internet balance using the USSD code and make sure you have the required data. You can then buy a new pack if needed. Now follow the instructions below to check your Banglalink internet balance.  

  • Launch your phone’s dial pad. 
  • Dial the Banglalink balance and check the USSD code which is *121*1# or *5000*500#
  • You should see your last internet balance under your Banglalink SIM card. 

Or you can check your internet balance from the My Banglalink app anytime. 

Banglalink SMS Check Code

If you buy a Banglalink SMS offer then you must know your Banglalink SMS balance. Checking the Banglalink SMS pack is easy and simple, just dial *124*17# or *121*100#. With this code, you may check all of your current SMS balances. You will see details of your remaining SMS. To use your SMS pack wisely, check your SMS balance. Sometimes a bulk amount of SMS can vanish just due to date expiration. 

How to Contact Banglalink Customer Care?

Usually, you will find the latest update on the Banglalink website While browsing this website, you can also get contact details with useful information and tips. Banglalink customer care service is highly responsive to any complaint, feedback, or other queries. 

Banglalink Customer Care Center’s Contact:

  • Mobile: +8801950111111 (while abroad roaming charge will be applied)
  • Fax: +88028820590
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Dial code: 111 or 121 

Even you can contact them by visiting their head office. If the location is too far from you then visit the nearest store for getting a new SIM, or any recharge or subscribing issues. 

  • House: #4, SW 
  • Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sharak,
  • Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212. 

When you intend to go abroad, you should contact customer care for the latest updates on coverage and tariffs. For roaming issues, always use an alternative number so that customer care service can contact you when you back. While calling an international number, use the area code.